Compilation of Speeches in Australia


No.       Content
1 For the Past Saints and Sages, We Vow to Ceaselessly Carry on Their Eternal Teachings. For the Countless Generations to Come, We Vow to Bring Lasting Peace and Harmony——Talk at the Opening Ceremony for the Preparatory Class of Sinology Studies of the Pure Land Learning College Association
2 Harmony and a Better Self: The Future of Mankind
3 Friends Coming from Afar on a Mission of Peace and Harmony——Welcoming Address for UNESCO Ambassadors' Delegation Welcome Dinner
4 Bringing Kindness, Benevolence, Peace, and Harmony to The World——Speech for The Interfaith Forum
5 Leading by Example Nurturing with Joy, We are One Living Entity——Farewell Dinner for UNESCO Ambassadors' Delegation
6 Fulfilling The Virtue of Filial Piety and Restoring Unconditional Love——Speech for 2019 Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony
7 Education Is Essential in Establishing A Country and Guiding Its People——Speech for the Integrated School and Early Childhood Moral Education